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Lizen High school was built in 1971 by its founder, Mr. Bor- Rong Lin along with some other educators, in response to the government 's policy of encouraging the establishment of private schools.  The school first started out as a senior high school and then in 1995 was expanded with junior high programs.

Lizen's development and good reputaion have come from the leadership of the pricipals over the years, as well as the devotion of the teaching faculties and the support of the parents of our students.  High acceptance ratio on university admission has proved the success of the education here provided for the students. 



Lizen is located in the suburbs of Taichung City, with convenient transportation to and from the surrounding areas. We provide an excellent learning environment for students to grow, develop and flouish. Lizen is a perfect place to bridge academics from adolescence to adulthood and lay a foundation for knowledgeable global citizens.




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